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La Petite Avril is a platform game where you'll join little Avril through 4 danger-filled levels. A mysterious voice is guiding you and waits for you at the end, but first you must show you have what it takes to reach the goal.

La Petite Avril is a small game I made to celebrate the birth of my daughter Avril. Being new parents, my wife and I were very nervous and scared throughout the process and although the pregnancy went smoothly we imagined dangers in every corner.

This game is the representation of that adventure, where I imagine my little girl fighting against monsters, crossing deep rivers, solving riddles and traveling through space in order to be with us.

It is a short game, but very fun and challenging. The Time Trial mode offers an extra challenge for those that want to test their skills.

I hope you enjoy this little adventure as much as we do.

I'm AJ Ordaz and this is the real Avril

(she ended up not having green hair)

Thank you for playing!


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Astonishingly cute game with way too much bubbly nature to it.  Reminds me of games I used to play when I was little. Congratulations, by the way! 

Very cute! In addition to the general adorable quality of the game aesthetically, I really appreciated the design and structure of the levels.  The game implements its very limited mechanics smartly.

Congratulations on the birth of Avril! I'm sure you look forward to sharing this game with her some day.

A small note: the disappearing platforms in stage 3 seem to occasionally let the player slip through them even when they appeared fully opaque (I think especially after they had just faded in). This made this section more frustrating than I think it was intended to be. 

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Hey! Thanks a lot for trying the game. You are right, I can't wait for her to be able to play the game. That would be a great moment.

Thank you also for the feedback, I'll definitely be looking into this and try to make that section to work better.